i)        Project cleaning

  • Removing of all paint/varnish/lacquer/glue/stickers from glasses.
  • Cleaning  window tracks and removal of residue
  • Cleaning window of the paint and polish stains.
  • Cleaning of doors and frames
  • Removing of dust from woodwork and partitions.
  • Removing stains of paan/gutka from tiles.
  • Cleaning wall skirting of paints.
  • Cleaning washrooms, WC, sinks and urinals with hard chemicals to remove paan/gutka stains.

VIII.   Plumber Service

  • Repair and maintain plumbing systems and components
  • Identify required tools special equipment
  • Select the type and size of pipe required
  • Locate and mark position for connection and fixture
  • Install support and hangers for pipe, fixture and equipment
  • Assemble and install valves and fittings
  •  Install, repair and maintain water treatment equipment, piping and control.
  • Install, repair* and maintain sinks tube and toilets
  • Test pipe systems and fixture for leaks
  • Perform schedule maintenance service on plumbing system and fixture.

     ii)       Office cleaning

  • Cleaning, Washing and  swabbing, with  water  and  chemicals , of  floors, washrooms, drying the floors,corridors,lounges, other  spaces, approaches and  verandahs.
  • Proper cleaning, sweeping and with the wet cloth, of floors, as and when required.
  • Proper and effective cleaning, washing and swabbing of toilet floors and walls with detergent and water.
  • Cleaning of glass doors and glass panels with soft as also the cleaning of wooden doors and knobs, sign boards, etc.
  • Proper and effective cleaning of ashtrays and cleaning of waste paper basket, dust bins.
  • Dusting of all   items of  furniture ( wooden, steel  and  upholstered)  fixtures, partitions,walls,doors windows, venetian  blinds, notice boards, flower vases, art objects, pictures, firefighting equipment and  machines in the  premises.

   iv)      Outer Area Cleaning

  • Keeping  the  other  periphery  clean  all  the  time  regularly with a minimum of two  times cleaning  (Morning/afternoon) daily  including  stairs  up  to  the  main  inner  gates  of  the building.
  • Keeping the parking area clean regularly.
  • Lifting  the  entire  garbage  from the  designated  disposal places and  dumping the same in the  nearest  garbage collection / dumping yards of Municipal  Corporation on daily  basis.

Horticulture Service:

  • Maintenance  of  lawns including, weeding, trimming  and  pruning  of  grass by  moving  of  grass cutting machines, top dressing, checking  of grass, using of  manure, fertilizers, spraying  of  insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, weedicides, sweeping  and  watering  as per  needs from time to time.
  • Maintenance of  nursery and potted plants by doing  all horticultural operations like  weeding, hoeing , watering, mixing  of  manure  and  fertilizer  including  application  of  plant  tool, spraying of  insecticides, pesticides, fungicides etc. and preparation of seedlings by sowing of seeds, bulbs, rhizomes, cuttings, grafting, layering , goo tying , etc and plantation of seedlings in pots  and shifting of potted plants.
  • Designing, preparation and maintenances of flower beds.
  • Maintenance of  edges & hedges , includes their  watering, hoeing  of  channels, pruning and trimming  and  replacing  old  dead plants by planting the new saplings.

Electrician Service

  • Perform routine maintenance of the electrical system
  • Remove ,clean and install ,motors, repair and replace parts as needed
  • Perform electrical checks and troubleshoot electrical appliance, replacing parts and cleaning as necessary
  • Install and repair lighting fixture connections
  • Perform necessary preventative maintenance of all electrical equipment
  • Locate and retrieve parts as needed
  • Check control panels and replace relays, switches, and others part
  • Change circuit breakers and work with stab assemblies on bus bar
  • Repair writing, relays and switches on pump control

II. Pantry Service   

  • Operate the tea/coffee vending machine
  • Serve tea/coffee/water to the employees and the visitors.
  • Clear the workstations and the tables of the used mugs/cup/glasses etc. and wash them immediately.
  • Dry the crockery at the end of the day and keep it in the pre-designated places.
  • Maintain level of hygiene in the pantry and the cafeteria


  • Clean and sanitize all kitchen equipment.
  • Clean and sanitize all food storage areas, walk in fridges, freezers, ovens, freestanding hot and cold boxes and dry storage cupboards.
  • Clean filters and hoods.
  • Clean and sanitize loading dock, council rubbish containers and all rubbish bins from food production and services areas.
  • Store all cleaned articles in the correct areas.
  • Remove stains from cutlery as required.
  • Polish  chafing  dishes for  banquets, BBQ  functions  and  prepare carving stations as required
  • Ensure all access and traffic areas are clear and clean
  • Keep all equipment in the steward’s area in good condition
  • Report any breakdown in equipment to the steward’s supervisor
  • Report all accidents and breakages to the chief steward’, Team leader, or chief charge of that shift
  • Report and / or take action on any equipment breakdown or safety issue relevant to your work area.
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